CSE101 Final Review


Posted by KaKi on December 17, 2019


Final Review From ICS攻略组


  1. Server holds data for many PCs.
  2. Dumb terminal: 哑终端, 一切程序交给主机做,自己不做。(lec6)
  3. ASCII中每一个字符占用1byte,二进制文件中每一个字符占用1bit
  4. 16bit系统在处理指令方面能接收的长度是8bit系统的两倍。
  5. 时钟频率不代表一切,计算机的性能遵循水桶定律。
  6. 计算机计算二进制加法时,多出的位数会直接抛弃,这种现象被称为Overflow
  7. Why store data and communicate in digital format?
    • Issues of precision
    • resilience to error
    • digital representation is discrete and precise.
  8. To improve a computer’s performance:

  9. Registers’ function: hold temporatay storage of data inside the CPU.
  10. A machine cycle: Data fetch, instruction fetch, decode instruction, execute and store
  11. System clock: control the speed of the computer operations
  12. 同7,overflow
  13. 计算音频文件的大小:时长(70*60)*采样率(44.1KHz)* 2(立体声)*量化位数(16)
  14. 计算视频文件的大小:时长*分辨率*帧率/量化位数
  15. Same as 15
  16. The computer mainly consumes CPU time, memory and disk place when performing tasks.(PS: what is virtual memory)
  17. If a process is on the disk, then the time of reading/writing into memory should be counted twice
  18. mainly same as 18)
  19. easy to understand.