CSE101 Lecture 3 Possible Answers

Could be wrong, just for reference.

Posted by KaKi on September 17, 2019



Name 4 examples of HLLs.

Java, Python, C, C++……

Translation fills in the semantic gap in computer systems. (True of false?)


Name 3 different ways of translation. Identify the crucial role of translation under each.

Intrepreter, Assembler, Compiler(后面一个不太明白)

When compile-time errors occur, what do we do?

Check the source code and revise it.(猜的)

What are the purposes of linking?

refer data or subroutines in another module.

‘Loading’ is carried out before ‘linking’ after a program is compiled. (True or false?)


Program modules can be compiled separately.(True or false?)


A compiler can translate a module into binary codes, but it cannot resolve those references to other modules. This occurs when …?

linker doesn’t begin to work

Library files are usable if linked into your program code. (True or false?)


Interpreters typically convert program code into what?

an intermediate form, consisting of tokens

What is the output of program compilation?

machine code.

Name 2 scenarios where interpreters are more useful than compilers.

– Interpreters are more accurate in terms of error reporting.
– Interpretation can provide uniform execution environment across several diverse computers. (Portable)

Interpreters are sometimes called as virtual machine because … ?

They take one instruction at a time and execute it.

Mention 3 approaches to code sharing.

– Source-level subroutines and macro libraries.
– Pre-translated re-locatable binary libraries.
– Dynamic libraries and dynamic linking.

Name 2 disadvantages (or issues) of macro libraries.

the answer of the following question:
– Who owned the code?
– Who should maintain it?

Libraries can be linked into your program code, but not altered. (True or false?)


What are the disadvantages of program execution with pre-translated program library?

Each program is to have a private copy of the subroutines, wasting valuable memory space, and swapping time, in a multitasking system.

There exists a de-facto standard of dynamic libraries and dynamic linking. (True or false?)

True. Microsoft’s ActiveX